Room Operations Center

The Room Operations Center is a scaleable, enterprise class solution for energy management and smart device integrations. Roc was designed for the connected hotel and acts as a central command center for automation devices throughout a commercial property. Roc allows you to track device failures, monitor energy usage, and control devices throughout the entire property from anywhere in the world.

Bill Goodwin

Bill is in charge of tracking and managing the health of multiple properties throughout the hotel’s portfolio. Bill needs to quickly be able to access parameters relating to the improvement of his portfolio.

Constance Mercer

Having commercial accountability for budgeting and financial management and directing all hotel services, Constance must take a strategic overview and plan ahead to maximize profits. Her expertise in these areas have been essential while implementing chang- es that will decrease the hotel’s energy consumption.

David Biltwell

In an industry that is slow to adopt technology over traditional practices, only a few maintenance professionals were willing to commit the time and energy to replace the old. Shortly there after, the benefits the capabilities maintenance management platforms have became apparent. Getting throughout the learning curve and applying these tools to his career, David has been able to minimize financial losses due to time management mistakes.

Lucy Kwan

Lucy has to be able to help a guest with any problems they may have with their room. She needs to have the ability to change the temperature of the room or assess a device error without leaving her post.

Barbara McKinley

Barbara manages the housekeeping staff on floors 5-15, totaling 300 rooms. Barbara needs to be able to quickly identify the occupan- cy state’s of 300 rooms at any given time in order to efficiently provide service when necessary. The dashboard will provide effi- ciency in planning the order of room cleanings as well as turn-down services.